Investors - NFO Solutions

3 years ago after finishing a heritage building on Johnson street Our CEO Jean started drawing a building that he ended up engineering and designing.

He thought of building a structure made of containers, tied together with a Hold down system connected to a Commercial grade concrete slab. LayGo Design was born!

The first model The JENGA, is a 30 units condo with 1 and 2 bedrooms units ranging from 1080 to 1350 Sq ft including 2 penthouses.

The idea for LayGo Design came from wanting to move from standard construction to a more sustainable/ ecological way of building. And with the price of lumber, steel is becoming a very interesting alternative.

This type of building was designed for mass production and affordability which can easily be turned in Hotels, condos or even affordable housing. Our international company JS Hotels and Estates believe in using sustainable and local materials Only.

We also have a program to train local manpower to build our complexes and we only lease our commercial space to resident businesses, so we always give back to local economies.

We are currently looking for land owners in sunny destinations to partner with and build Our Vision.