NFO Solutions was founded by Jean Francis Bolduc in early 2018. From 2013 the company operated under another name. The name change sought to reflect the  method of breaking down a job in to simplified tasks which Bolduc realized would be a solution to the issue of miscommunication or lack of communication amongst his framers and with all trades. While studying at university Mr. Bolduc began working as a framing labourer for his father. In 2008, at 17 years old he began honing his craft. In 2010 Mr. Bolduc moved to western Canada and after a few short months of labouring he began accepting subcontracted jobs. In 2011 he headed to one of Canada’s busiest new home construction markets; in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Mr.Bolduc started FPC Construction and this business successfully evolved into NFO and eventually NFO Solutions in 2018. Bolduc followed the construction boom from Fort McMurray to Calgary, Alberta until he could no longer ignore the opportunities arising in British Columbia. In 2015 Mr. Bolduc moved his  business to Vancouver and began establishing himself in a new pool of framing contractors. He now resides on Vancouver Island with many of his large projects taking place in Victoria and Ottawa. His current success is developed on selling an organized framing system with a solution to any problem. In 2019, Jean is working on new endeavours all over South America. He extended his network to China with his new venture Panda Homes and actively working on revolutionizing the entire construction industry. He’s also gonna be starring in his new tv show The Site, scheduled to be broadcasted in 2020.